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Key things to know about LG OLED48CX smart TV

Key things to know about LG OLED48CX smart TV

LG India has launched a new OLED TV in India. Called LG OLED48CX, the smart TV is priced at ₹1,99,990 and is available through select retailers and the company’s official website. If you are planning to buy the TV, here are key things to know about it.


LG is also pitching smart TV to gaming enthusiasts. The LG OLED48CX comes with Nvidia G-Synch, which is claimed to deliver a better responsive gaming experience. The device also has HGiG for self-lit pixels and better HDR gaming.The smart TV has LG’s Alpha 9 Gen 3 processor, which is said to deliver balanced sound effect through AI Acoustic Tuning and supports gaming-focused features like higher frame rate, VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) and eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel), HDMI 2.1.

The ALLM allows the TV to automatically enable low-lag Game mode when a compatible console is connected and VRR dynamically matches the refresh rate to the frame rate being output by a console.There is also a Sports Alert feature to offer real-time alerts to users on sports news and game updates, according to the company.

News Source: Hindustan times

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