Karnataka man thought to be dead, found alive on the autopsy table

Karnataka man thought to be dead, found alive on the autopsy table

In what can be called a miracle, a man who was thought to be dead was found to be alive on the autopsy table in Karnataka.

The man who is aged 27 had met with a motorcycle accident and was being treated at a private hospital in Belagavi. But after a two-day observation, the hospital authorities declared him ‘brain dead’ and suggested the family take his body home.

The body was shifted to a government hospital in Bagalkote on Monday for the mandatory post-mortem before the final rites.

However, it was here that things took a turn.

The doctor assigned to do the post-mortem found the body twitch when touched. The doctor then checked with a pulse oximeter and found there were a heartbeat and a pulse as well.

The man was then immediately shifted to a private hospital. It is stated that the vitals of the man are normal as of today and he has a chance to survive.

Thinking that the man was dead, the family had also prepared for the final rites.

There were cut-outs and banners in Bagalkote town announcing his death along with news on social media. Furthermore, people in hundreds had arrived outside the hospital to take the body for the final rites as well.

The family was told at the private hospital in Belagavi that if he is taken off the ventilator, he will die. So he was taken to Bagalkote with ventilator support itself.

Police have not yet registered an FIR in the matter since there has been no complaint filed by the family.

News Source: India Tv News

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