Karnataka Covid-19: Cluster outbreak, spread among children, lockdown | 5 points

Karnataka Covid-19: Cluster outbreak, spread among children, lockdown | 5 points

Karnataka is one of the states reporting the highest number of Covid-19 daily infections in India. Between March 15 and March 27, the state’s daily new cases jumped from around 900 to over 2,000. Karnataka district Bengaluru Urban is one of the top 10 districts in the country with the number of highest active Covid-19 cases. Karnataka is just behind Maharashtra and Kerala in the respect of active Covid-19 cases.

Cluster outbreak

After reopening schools in January, the state encountered a sudden spike in the number of infections, mostly among teachers. In the past few days, Udupi’s Manipal Institute of Technology turned into a hotspot after 146 students of the residential institute tested positive, sending about 5,800 other students into quarantine.

The number of Covid-19-positive students increased in the next few days and at present, the institute has 704 cases, Karnataka health minister K Sudhakar has confirmed.

Infection spreading to children below 10 years

Senior citizens and people above the age of 45 years were considered to be the most vulnerable to the infection. But according to reports, over 470 children below the age of 10 in Bengaluru have been infected since the beginning of March. A total of 244 boys and 228 girls have been infected from March 1 to 26, official data showed, news agency PTI reported.

Possibility of lockdown

The government has not ruled out the possibility of lockdown but urged people to exercise caution first. “It is clear that the second wave has begun. So if we don’t curb activities the danger is imminent,” minister Sudhakar said. “Have requested the Chief Minister to take necessary measures to prevent the spread of infection in educational institutions and CM himself will take action in this regard,” he added.

Entry restriction

From April 1, a negative RT-PCR test report will be mandatory to enter the state, irrespective of the states the travellers are coming from.

Young people getting infected — ‘Quarantine watch’ app

The positivity rate between 20 to 40 years of age in Bengaluru is increasing, because isolation and quarantine rules are not being followed. The government has decided to bring back the Quarantine Watch app where an individual who has been advised home quarantine will have to upload selfies on the app which will track the location of the person.

News Source: Hindustan Times

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