Karnataka BJP MLAs To Meet High Command Over Chief Minister Facing Criticism

Karnataka BJP MLAs To Meet High Command Over Chief Minister Facing Criticism


Amid continued attacks by some within the BJP in Karnataka against Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa, his political secretary M P Renukacharya on Thursday said the party MLAs will meet the high command in Delhi and demand for their expulsion.

The Honnali MLA also challenged Mr Yediyurappa’s detractors to resign and face the election fresh, as he credited the Lingayat strongman for the party’s growth and its coming to power in the state.

“Is (Mr) Yediyurappa a ready-made food? He has built and nurtured this party. Criticising him is the same as criticising the BJP,” Mr Renukacharya said.

Speaking to reporters in Bengaluru, he said Mr Yediyurappa is not involved in any corruption or anything.

“We are warning, making repeated statements embracing Mr Yediyurappa is not right. We the legislators together will meet the high command. The Lok Sabha session will start at that time, we will meet national leaders and demand for expulsion of those making statements and creating confusion, as it is hampering the party’s image,” he added.

The Monsoon session of Parliament will commence from July 19 and will continue till August 13.

According to sources, Mr Renukacharya along with some legislators had met Mr Yediyurappa earlier in the day.

His statement has come after recent comments by disgruntled BJP leaders like Vijayapura City MLA Basanagouda Patil Yatnal, Tourism Minister C P Yogeshwar and MLC A H Vishwanath that has embarrassed the party and the government, despite warnings of disciplinary action by the leadership.

Calling Mr Yediyurappa a “great leader”, who built the party and brought it to power, Mr Renukacharya challenged those questioning his leadership to resign from the MLA post and then contest the election fresh.

“Those who are making statements against him (Mr Yediyurappa) daily, we will release documents of corruption and scams against them,” he warned.

Mr Yatnal, who has repeatedly accused Mr Yediyurappa and his family members, more specifically his son and state BJP Vice President B Y Vijayendra, of corruption and interference in administration on Tuesday had called the Chief Minister “inactive”, and asked him to retire respectfully.

While Yogeshwar had spoken on the issue of leadership change in the state, without taking any names, by linking the CM post to that of the elephant that carries the golden howdah during Mysuru Dasara, which are replaced from time to time, depending on their ability.

News Source: NDTV News

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