Joe Biden’s Dog Major Bites Again At White House, Days After Returning From Training

Joe Biden’s Dog Major Bites Again At White House, Days After Returning From Training

US President Joe Biden’s pet dog Major has bitten an individual, for the second time in a month. The three-year-old German Shepherd had previously on March 8, nipped at a member of White House Security, following which he was sent to Delaware for training. However, only a few days after returning he again bit a federal employee, this time a member of National Park Service at White House South Lawn, CNN reported

Although the extent of the injury is still unknown, First Lady Jill Biden’s spokesperson said that the person “out of an abundance of caution”, was checked by the White House medical unit before returning to work. She further defended the canine and said that Major was “still adjusting” to his new surroundings and “nipped someone while on a walk.” Anonymous sources told CNN that the dog was jumping, barking and charging at White House staff at the time of the incident.Earlier this month, Biden while speaking to ABC Network’s Good Morning America asserted that “eighty-five per cent of the people [at the White House] loved Major”. However, there were a few who “understandably” are afraid of dogs. Additionally, the 78-year-old had also said that his younger-of-the-two-dogs was still acclimatising to “so many” new people aroundMeanwhile, First Lady Jill Biden, during an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, had said that she had been “obsessed” with settling the dogs, for both the dogs belong to discreet age groups. Elaborating on the problems faced, she stated that, for instance, none of the dogs was accustomed to taking the lift or roaming around in the presence of a crowd or camera.

News source: republic world news

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