India coronavirus: The high-risk young demanding Covid jabs

India coronavirus: The high-risk young demanding Covid jabs

When 37-year-old Shikha Goel was diagnosed with breast cancer three months ago, life came to a grinding halt.

The Delhi-based founder of fashion label Ilk had to reorganise everything around her.

Her work, her friends and her future plans momentarily took a backseat.

The initial shock was too much to handle, but she picked herself up and decided to fight the disease with support from her family and friends.

She launched a social media initiative to encourage more women to routinely get screened for breast cancer. What followed was an urgent surgery and prolonged rounds of chemotherapy.

She visited hospitals several times in the first month and “it was all going fine”. But then the number of Covid-19 cases started rising in several states, including Delhi.

She frantically began scouring the internet for information on Covid-19 and cancer. Soon she realised that she was at higher risk of infection and, if she caught the virus, the consequences could be dangerous.

The possibility of a “double whammy” frightened her, but also strengthened her precautionary measures while visiting hospitals.

News Source: BBC News

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