‘If this is a token celebration, then no to it’, says Maanvi Gagroo

‘If this is a token celebration, then no to it’, says Maanvi Gagroo

Be it in web series, movies, TV commercials or short films, Maanvi Gagroo has shattered stereotypes and how! Her character in Four More Shots Please! is proof of how she redefines Indian women on screen. Even with her social media posts, Maanvi is bang on and is lauded for it. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Maanvi shared her thoughts on if one day is necessary to celebrate womanhood, on women of this decade, the definition of feminism and more.

Unfortunately, we need a specific day dedicated to women in the first place. Barring that, I see it as a celebration of womanhood, of the resilience and perseverance shown by women in an unequal world. Although with every passing year, women’s day has started feeling more and more like an advertiser’s delight!

If it means that the rest of the days of the year, women should be okay with being treated as second-grade citizens, then, no. If this is a token celebration so to say, “Here, 8th March is your day. Do whatever you want but keep your mouth shut for the rest of the 364 days”, then I’m more than willing to give this day up. Otherwise, in an equal world, I’d love to celebrate men, women and all non-binary.

The women of this decade are clearer in what they want from life. They are less afraid of going after what they want. They’re willing to challenge or bend a lot of the social constructs to suit their lifestyle of choice. However, I’m speaking from a privileged vantage point. So many women, especially from the marginalised sections of society (be it based on caste, religion or sexuality) aren’t exposed to most of these opportunities. Even within the seemingly ‘privileged’ section, many women are either forced to or are conditioned to abide by patriarchal familial and social trappings. Things are getting better but there’s still so much ground to cover.

I’ve actually been fortunate to have been surrounded by very strong women in my life. Whether it was my mother, sister, grandmothers, they’ve all led their lives completely unapologetically. Even the men in my life, my father and grandfathers, have been feminists. I was always encouraged to question the status quo and continue to do so.

News Source: DNA News

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