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Hyundai launches AI chatbot ‘Hi Hyundai’ for better customer experience

Hyundai launches AI chatbot ‘Hi Hyundai’ for better customer experience

New Delhi: Hyundai Motor India Ltd. recently announced the adoption of Hyundai Showroom Live, a contactless sales consultancy platform launched in November 2020. The company has also launched its AI Chatbot, ‘Hi Hyundai’, to enhance customer experience.

Hyundai informed that the existing customers can seamlessly utilise ‘Hi Hyundai’ to schedule a request for car servicing, check information on warranty, find out car service cost, access extended warranty or roadside assistance and much more.

According to the carmaker, Hyundai Showroom Live has been adopted by approximately 5,000 Hyundai dealer sales consultants across India to provide customers with a seamless, safe and hassle-free car buying experience.

Tarun Garg, director –(sales, marketing and service, Hyundai Motor India Ltd., said, “Pioneering innovation in automotive retail, Hyundai has been at the forefront introducing multiple initiatives that offer customers a contactless virtual experience through their car buying journey and beyond.”

As we adopt more and more digital initiatives, Hyundai will continue to lead the industry with thoughtful innovations for enhanced customer delight,” he said.

Hyundai Showroom Live is customised to showcase product details like 360-degree view, vehicle specifications, comparisons, feature hotspots, brochures etc. through Smart Sales Care App using screen sharing option, the company statement said.

The Application also allows customers to include their family members in the discussions from the same or different locations, offering a memorable and delightful car buying experience, Hyundai added.

News source- Economic Times

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