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How to Dress Like a Cancer

How to Dress Like a Cancer

Following the long, sunshine-filled day that is the summer solstice, Cancer season is upon us. This cardinal Water sign, ruled by the maternal moon, radiates comfort. Represented by the crab, Cancers are characterized as highly intuitive and sensitive celestial bodies.

Much like their crustacean counterpart, Cancers are self-protective with their hard exterior, making them appear aloof and distant at first glance. However, with a given amount of time, underneath this shell reveals a gentle nature and strong compassion for others.

Cancer’s sentimental side strongly reflects their affinity towards retro and refined aesthetics. Romantic accessories, feminine silhouettes, and soft, smooth fabrics all embody the Cancer style identity. Think of the late Princess Diana (a Cancer) and her iconic “revenge dress,” a sensual off-the-shoulder, form-fitting silk mini dress. Known to have a sensitive heart, Cancers best suit a comforting color palette with the addition of flushed pinks and yellows—reminiscent of their homebody attitude and appreciation for life’s simplest pleasures.

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