Google to Shut Down VPN by Google One

Google has announced the shut down of its VPN by Google One service, which was introduced back in October 2020. The decision comes as a surprise to many, considering it was integrated into various Google One plans, including the $1.99/month subscription.

VPN by Google One Shutting Down

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The primary reason cited by Google for shutting down the VPN service is the lack of user adoption. The company found that people simply weren’t utilizing the feature as expected. This goes with Google’s strategy to focus on more in-demand features within Google One.

While Google hasn’t provided a specific shutdown date, users have been informed via email that the service will be discontinued “later this year.”

Existing users will be directed towards third-party VPN alternatives. Pixel users from the Pixel 7 series onwards will still have access to Google’s VPN, with an upgrade slated for June.

The discontinuation of Google One’s VPN service leaves subscribers in need of alternative VPN solutions. With millions of Google One subscribers worldwide, many will now seek out alternative VPN providers. Pixel users can still rely on Google’s VPN feature.

Google has a history of discontinuing services and apps, leading to the creation of the infamous “Google Graveyard.”

The decision to end the VPN by Google One service adds to this list, joining other discontinued offerings such as Play Movies & TV and classic Gmail interface.

While Google’s VPN service may be coming to an end, users have plenty of alternative VPN providers to choose from.

Services like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark offer VPN solutions with various features and pricing plans to suit different needs and budgets.

The news of Google One VPN’s discontinuation has mixed reactions from subscribers and industry observers alike.

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While some lament the loss of a convenient feature bundled with their Google One subscription, others express skepticism about its effectiveness or simply shrug it off as a nonessential service.

Amidst the disappointment surrounding the demise of Google One VPN, users are left searching for viable alternatives to safeguard their online privacy.

The VPN providers offers a plethora of options, ranging from established names like NordVPN and ExpressVPN to budget-friendly solutions like Surfshark. Each provider has unique features and benefits, catering to user preferences and security needs.

Recent years have seen the introduction and discontinuation of various services and features, showing the company’s priorities and efforts to streamline its offerings.

As Google refocuses its resources on more in-demand features and benefits users may witness further changes in the future.

For the millions of Google One subscribers worldwide, the discontinuation of VPN by Google One concerns about the future of their subscription experience.

While Pixel users retain access to Google’s built-in VPN service, others must seek alternative solutions to fulfill their privacy and security needs.

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