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Google Photos is going paid. Here are 4 storage devices that can help you

Google Photos is going paid. Here are 4 storage devices that can help you

Starting June 1, 2021, Google end its free unlimited storage for your high resolution photographs via Photos. Google Photos users who have photos, exceeding their free 15GB limit must now either pay for a Google One subscription to continue getting more Google Cloud storage or must download all their data, and shift it to another cloud storage service or offline storage.

While there are a number of Cloud Storage services out there that will charge you a monthly/yearly subscription amount in exchange for storing your files and media, users can also opt for physical storage via flash drives that are compatible with their smartphone.

USB-powered flash drives and offline storage have a few benefits compared to cloud storage. They are offline and hence can be kept free of cyberattacks or data theft. They will also work without network or Wi-Fi connectivity just about anywhere. Transferring data from an offline flash drive to your phone or computer is also usually faster.

However, the main benefit would be that flash drives are a one time purchase and once bought, users will not be needed to pay a monthly subscription, unlike a cloud storage service. Here are some great USB flash drives for your Android or iOS, where you can store all kinds of files, including those Google Photos pictures.

SanDisk Ultra Dual (micro-USB), Dual Go (USB-C) series

The SanDisk Ultra Dual series pen drives are equipped with a USB Type-A and a micro-USB port that works with both your Android phone and your laptop/desktop. Files stored on this drive can be quickly accessed across any USB-C or USB-A device. The SanDisk Ultra Dual series devices are also available in multiple storage capacities (32GB, 64GB, and so on) so check out which one works best for you.

Similarly, the SanDisk Ultra Dual Go series has a USB-A and USB-C connection, allowing these drives to be used with modern USB-C smartphones as well as your desktop/laptops. These are also available in multiple storage capacities.

HP X5000, HP X304M series

The HP X5000 series pen drives can be used as a portable drive for your USB Type-C smartphone. The X5000 Series pen drives are also compatible with USB Type-A ports and hence, will work with your laptops and desktops. They come in various storage capacities as well.

Meanwhile, the HP X340M series pen drives offer the same functionality, but in a different design. The HP X340M series pen drives will hence be able to connect to your Android device and PC. If you want a HP drive that works with older micro-USB phones, you can also check out the HP HPFD302M series.

SanDisk iXpand

The SanDisk iXpand series are portable flash drives that work with Apple lightning-connector devices. These will work with all recent iPhones as well as connect to your laptop/desktop. The SanDisk iXpand SDIX60N-GZFFE variant also comes with an adapter that you can use to even connect the storage drive to a Type-C Android device, making it a great all-in-one product for modern smartphones and PCs. Additionally, there is also the iXpand Luxe with lightning and USB-C ports on the same drive.

Strontium Nitro Plus series

The Strontium Nitro Plus series consists of small portable flash drives that have a USB-C and a USB-A end, allowing users to use them with modern Android smartphones as well as PCs. Apart from these drives, users can also get a number of adapters to allow more cross-platform compatibility. You can get adapters for lightning to USB-C, USB-C to MicroUSB, and most other combinations.

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