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Former Bihar police officer held for liquor smuggling

Former Bihar police officer held for liquor smuggling

Sacked sub-inspector Awani Bhushan was among five people arrested from Bihar’s Katra on Friday night while allegedly striking a deal with liquor mafias.

Bushan was sacked from the police department in 2019 after he was found to have ties with liquor mafias. He was earlier arrested in 2017.

Deputy police superintendent Manoj Pandey said Bhushan was arrested after they were tipped off about a meeting of smugglers and production of India made foreign liquor (IMFL). “A team raided a house belonging to one of the liquor smugglers, Anil Pandey. It arrested the five including Bhushan and Anil Pandey. Some of their associates managed to dodge the team,” he said. He added raids were on to arrest the rest of them.

Manoj Pandey said Bhushan allegedly used his clout to smuggle IMFL with the help of some of his batch mates. “We have maintained a close watch on them.” He added Bhushan has told them IMFL smugglers have changed their strategies in communicating with each other. “They are now using platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook…instead of traditional voice calling… communication through social media is encrypted and cannot be traced easily.”

News Source: Hindustan Times

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