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FAU-G Team Deathmatch Mode early access, now available to download

FAU-G Team Deathmatch Mode early access, now available to download

FAU-G, the Indian shooting game by nCore Games teased its upcoming TDM (Team Deathmatch Mode) mode months ago. While a beta was earlier promised on June 21, the date was missed. However, nCore Games today posted a new tweet announcing a TDM mode beta release for the action game.

‘FAU-G Multiplayer (Early Access)’ is available as a separate application on the Google Play Store and the link to the same can be found in nCore Games’ official tweet below.

What is TDM in FAU-G?
TDM, or team deathmatch mode is a gameplay mode in which players compete in teams of five players to kill everyone on the opposite team. Every player who is killed respawns in the map an unlimited number of times. The winning team is decided by whichever side picks up the most kills in a given time limit.

In FAU-G, players will be able to team up with their friends or random online players in 5v5 battles. The game’s TDM mode also brings new weapons and an entirely new map, very different from the icy mountains of the first FAU-G game.

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While the earlier campaign mode featured linear gameplay with only handheld weapons, the TDM mode will introduce guns, bombs and other weapons to the franchise. The Indian Express hasn’t had a chance to try the game’s early access version just yet, however, the success of the same will depend on how elements like graphics, gameplay and a bug-free experience have been tackled.

Clash with Battlegrounds Mobile India
The return of FAU-G with its new TDM mode coincides with PUBG Mobile’s very own Indian avatar – Battlegrounds Mobile India. With both games offering a multiplayer, TDM mode now FAU-G is now an official rival to the PUBG franchise.

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