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F1: Christian Horner Says Adrian Newey Has Renewed Motivation

F1: Christian Horner Says Adrian Newey Has Renewed Motivation

Red Bull F1 Boss, Christian Horner has revealed that Adrian Newey, the highly decorated designer of Red Bull’s cars has found new motivation which is reflective in how good the 2021 Red Bull is. He also revealed the Newey, who many have described as the greatest Formula One car designer of all time, has found the challenge of juggling between the very important 2022 project and the 2021 project quite motivating. 

“He has been sketching his designs on the drawing board, like he always has done, and is balancing the focus on 2021 and 2022. Now we are in a situation where we have a car with a competitive power unit, I think it would be fair to say that he has a renewed motivation,” he said in his column on Red Bull’s website. 


Newey has helped design world championship-winning cars at Williams, McLaren and Red Bull

For the first time in seven years, Red Bull has a car that can challenge the Mercedes in the turbo-hybrid era of the sport. A lot of this success continues to come from the high rake concept that has been championed by Adrian Newey who previously designed the cars that won Sebastian Vettel his four world titles with the team. 

In the last few years, Newey has been away working on other projects while overseeing the design of the Red Bull cars. He worked on the Aston Martin Valkyrie project when Aston Martin wasn’t a rival in F1. Now with the support of a Honda power unit that’s even better than the Mercedes one, he finally can give Max Verstappen a car that could make him one of the youngest F1 world champions of all time. 0Comments

Currently, both Red Bull and Verstappen are leading the world constructors and driver’s championship from Mercedes and defending world champion Lewis Hamilton, by quite a margin. This weekend at Silverstone, though the Mercedes team is expected to be stronger thanks to a set of updates.  

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