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Explained: The outrage in France over a letter by former generals warning of a ‘civil war’

Explained: The outrage in France over a letter by former generals warning of a ‘civil war’

France’s minister in charge of the armed forces, Florence Parly, has warned that any of the letter’s signatories who might still be serving in the military would be punished.

A letter signed by about 1,000 service personnel in France, including some 25 retired generals, warning President Emmanuel Macron that the country is heading for a “civil war”, has earned an angry rebuke from the French government.

Writing in the right-wing Valeurs Actuelles magazine, the signatories allege that Islamists are taking over whole parts of France, and have warned that “laxist” policies would result in chaos requiring “the intervention of our comrades on active duty in a perilous mission of protection of our civilizational values”, the news agency AFP reported.

The letter, which came out on 21st April – the 60th anniversary of a failed coup attempt against the government of World War II hero Charles de Gaulle – has been strongly criticised by the French government and Left parties, but has been endorsed by far-right politician Marine Le Pen, Macron’s most formidable challenger in next year’s presidential elections.

What the controversial letter says

The signatories warn Macron, his government and legislators of “several deadly dangers” that threaten France, such as “Islamism and the banlieue hordes”, referring to the poor suburbs around Paris that are home to large immigrant communities from former French colonies.

“The hour is grave, France is in peril,” the letter says, and blames “fanatic partisans” and “a certain anti-racism” for dividing communities. It speaks of an attempt to start a “racial war” by tearing down statues of French colonial figures and attacking aspects of French history.

The lead signatory of the letter is Christian Piquemal, a former commander who was arrested in 2016 for taking part in an anti-migrant protest.

The letter also criticises the government crackdown on the Yellow Vest protests, and accuses it of using the police as “proxy agents and scapegoats”.

It ends by saying, “It is no longer the time to procrastinate, otherwise tomorrow civil war will put an end to this growing chaos and deaths – for which you will be responsible – with numbers in the thousands”.

News source: indianexpress

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