Euro 2020: England & Germany take a knee at Wembley, boos drowned out by applause

Euro 2020: England & Germany take a knee at Wembley, boos drowned out by applause

England and Germany players all took a knee as one amidst huge cheers and applause at the Wembley stadium.

England have been consistently taking a knee before each match to help tackle racism. In contrast, Germany have not kneeled before their games but goalkeeper and captain Manuel Neuer had said that this was discussed in the dressing room before ahead of Tuesday’s knockout tie.

Neuer says “we stand for tolerance. There was no question for us.”

The Germany goalkeeper has been wearing a captain’s armband with rainbow colors for the tournament and he says England counterpart Harry Kane will do the same in a show of solidarity.

Germany coach Joachim Löw says he thinks “it’s right that the team is campaigning for these values.”


England and Germany players all take a knee as one.

Huge cheers and applause here at Wembley drown out the smattering of boos.

Not even the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge can miss this one as they look on from inside Wembley.

— Lilian Chan (@bestgug) June 29, 2021

Germany and England take a knee at Wembley

— Rob Harris (@RobHarris) June 29, 2021

England is one of several teams that has been taking a knee before games at Euro 2020. Portugal and Belgium’s players all took part in the gesture against racism before their game on Sunday. Referee Felix Brych also took part.

The issue of taking a knee has divided squads at Euro 2020 but, prior to their opening game against Croatia, England outlined just why the gesture would continue in their games.

France abandoned their plans to ‘take the knee’ before their crunch match against Germany – because of fears that the gesture was ‘dividing more than uniting’.

new source: indian express

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