Donald Trump Refuses Second Testimony in $250 Million New York Fraud Trial

Donald Trump has announced that he will not testify for a second time in his ongoing civil fraud trial in New York. The trial, which revolves around allegations of fraudulent inflation of real estate assets by Trump, his family members, and company executives, could result in a $250 million fine. Trump’s decision not to take the witness stand comes after his initial testimony in November.

Donald Trump Refuses Second Testimony in $250 Million New York Fraud Trial

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The New York Attorney General, Letitia James, has accused Donald Trump, his adult sons, and other executives of artificially inflating the value of their assets to secure more favorable loans.

The trial has been ongoing for 11 weeks, with Judge Arthur Engoron already ruling that fraud took place. The focus now is on determining the punishment, including the fine and whether Trump and his family can continue their business activities in the state.

On Sunday, Donald Trump took to his Social platform to announce his decision not to testify again. He claimed, “I HAVE ALREADY TESTIFIED TO EVERYTHING & HAVE NOTHING MORE TO SAY.”

Donald Trump labeled the trial as a “COMPLETE & TOTAL ELECTION INTERFERENCE WITCH HUNT.” He expressed concerns about the impact of the trial on businesses in New York, concluding with the abbreviation for his Make America Great Again slogan, “MAGA!”

The core of the allegations is around the claim that Trump and his associates inflated the value of their assets to obtain more favorable financial terms.

Over the past weeks, Trump’s defense team argued that he had the right to value his properties as he saw fit, shifting the responsibility onto lenders and accountants to ensure accuracy.

Donald Trump, during his testimony in November, asserted the existence of a worthless clause in his financial records, a claim that Judge Engoron had previously ruled as worthless.

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In his Truth Social posts, Donald Trump continued his attacks on Attorney General Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron.

He accused them of undervaluing his assets and pointed to Mar-a-Lago, claiming it was worth 50 to 100 times more than the prosecution’s valuation of $18 million.

The trial has been by high emotions, with Trump’s previous attacks on Judge Engoron’s staff leading to death threats and abusive messages.

The former president attended the trial last week, where a defense witness argued against the merit of the case. Trump, in his posts, referred to the trial as a “Kangaroo Court Witch Hunt,” criticizing the judge as corrupt.

Donald Trump’s legal team has challenged the gag order imposed by Judge Engoron, arguing its unconstitutionality.

Despite the ongoing legal battles over the gag order. The gag order, which Trump has violated in the past, does not directly relate to the trial’s substance but aims to restrict comments about the judge’s staff.

If found guilty of misrepresenting the value of assets, Trump could face a fine of at least $250 million. Additionally, an upheld pre-trial judgment could lead to the revocation of Trump’s New York business licenses, hindering his ability to run his real estate business in the state.

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With Trump’s refusal to testify, the trial is set to continue without his direct involvement. The judge will hear cross-examination of defense witnesses and witnesses called by the attorney general’s office. Closing arguments are scheduled for January 11, with a final decision on the case expected in early 2024.

In his Truth Social posts, Donald Trump continued to attack James and Engoron, accusing them of undervaluing his assets.

He mentioned Mar-a-Lago, claiming it was worth 50 to 100 times more than the prosecution’s valuation of $18 million.

Donald Trump’s decision not to testify for the second time comes amid a federal gag order imposed by Judge Engoron, who has fined Trump for violating the order in the past.

The gag order, related to comments about the judge’s staff, was not relevant to Trump’s testimony but remains in effect.

The trial’s outcome is crucial for Donald Trump, whose real estate empire faces jeopardy based on the judge’s prior rulings.

The trial will continue without Trump’s testimony, with the judge expected to reach a decision in January. The legal battle shows the challenges Trump is facing ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

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