Deepika Padukone proves ‘love’ for Yoga mat with these asanas for each day time

Deepika Padukone proves ‘love’ for Yoga mat with these asanas for each day time

After cleansing her Instagram handle at the onset of this year, with a promise to engage her fans with more productive social media posts, Deepika Padukone left fitness enthusiasts pumped up as she suggested a different Yoga pose for different times of the day given her “love” for her Yoga mat. From promoting mental health and welfare to giving glimpses of her childhood memories, baking sessions and slaying photoshoots in between, Deepika’s refreshing Instagram handle is simply a boost to our drooping energies and this Monday was no different.

Sharing a video an hour back, Deepika established that her love story with her Yoga mat and her Monday motivation is simple – it involves nailing a different Yoga asana in the morning, afternoon, evening and night and we are inspired to add them to our fitness routine. While the break of dawn was suggested with a beginner’s variation of Halasana, the sunny morning was marked by a proper Plough pose.

This was followed by Sarvangasana or Yoga’s Shoulderstand in the evening and ended with a variation of Chakrasana or Wheel pose at dusk. Deepika shared in the video’s caption, “I love…my yoga mat. That’s it. That’s the post (sic).”


Halasana or Plough Pose of Yoga helps to reduce stress, calm the mind and improves your digestive process, all of which has an amazing effect on your skin.

Chakrasana or Yoga’s backbend gives great flexibility to the spine. Perform this only when your stomach and bowels are empty.

It not only strengthens the buttocks, abdomen, vertebral column, human back, wrist, leg and arm but also sharpens the eyesight and reduces the stress and tension in the body. This exercise is especially beneficial for asthma patients since it expands the chest and the lungs get more oxygen.

There are countless benefits of Sarvangasana or Yoga’s Shoulderstand pose which include stretching the shoulders and neck along with toning the legs and buttocks, stimulating the thyroid and abdominal organs, helping to relieve stress and reducing the symptoms of menopause.

News Source: HindustanTimes

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