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DDA prepares draft for Master Plan of Delhi-2041

DDA prepares draft for Master Plan of Delhi-2041

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has prepared a draft for the Master Plan of Delhi-2041, giving more emphasis on a strategic and enabling framework for the future growth of the city. The MPD-2041 will come into effect soon after the MPD 2021 plan ceases, a senior DDA official told IANS on Friday.

Under MPD-2041, the DDA has emphasised on policies such as transit-oriented development (TOD) and land pooling policy of MPD-2021. With a view to encourage eco-friendly development, DDA has also formulated to regulate infrastructure and other works in villages that are located in the green belt on Delhi’s periphery as well as low-density residential areas (LDRA) and has been put for the public domain.

“The MPD-2041 is divided into two volumes and comprises of sector-wise policies in the key focus areas such as environment, economy, public space, heritage, mobility, and social and physical infrastructure, etc. It also included land pooling area, green development area, regeneration of planned and unplanned areas, transit-oriented development, strategic regeneration many more. Furthermore, the MPD-2041 plan will be geographical information system-based master plan in which critical concepts of development are being incorporated for implementation,” a DDA official said.

The draft of MPD 2041 was put for discussion before the advisory council of DDA chaired by the Delhi Lt. Governor for discussion on Friday.

The advisory council will hold the second and third review meeting on March 31 and April 2021 and after that draft plan will be sent to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs by September 30, 2021.

The First Master Plan for Delhi-1962 (MPD-1962), was the statutory document that was formulated to guide the planned growth and development of Delhi. The Plan has undergone subsequent extensive modifications in 1981 and 2001.

News Source: INDIA TV

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