Curious case of missing ‘Donkeys’, people started eating them for magical remedies

Curious case of missing ‘Donkeys’, people started eating them for magical remedies

Guntur/Vijayawada: Shocking, but true. In Andhra Pradesh, donkeys are being slaughtered for their meat, and when they are alive (females) they are “milked” for a premium. 

Over the last few years, the statistics show the number of donkeys that have been slaughtered is alarming. The traditional communities which reared the donkeys for transport especially are either selling the animal’s milk or meat for a premium. 

In Guntur district, which is just 40 kilometres from capital Amaravati, there’s a colony called “Konda Venkatappayya palayem” (locally known as KVP Colony). The people who rear the donkeys are from “Koya” ( tribal ) community. One can find that almost every household has few donkeys tied in front of their respective houses.

The donkey owners openly admit they slaughter their animals to sell their meat.

“I have five donkeys. Each Sunday, we slaughter one of them and sell their meat. Its meat is very good for health. From age of 7 to 60 years, anyone can eat the meat,” says Jawalamma, one of the owners of donkeys in the colony.

However, the officials say eating donkeys’ meat or drinking donkeys’ milk for good health is a myth. “There is absolutely no truth that drinking donkeys’ milk or eating donkeys’ meat is healthy. Those who sell or drink milk or donkeys are misinformed about this fact,” informs Dr. Dhanalakshmi, Assistant Director, Animal Husbandry department, Govt of AP.

Alarmed by this unusual phenomenon and to curb the slaughtering of donkeys, the police and forest officials are trying their bit to stop this practice, but the donkeys’ owners are fiercely resisting it. “Recently, few of our men were arrested by forest and police officials while they were shifting donkeys. What was their crime? Why shouldn’t we sell donkeys’ meat? Does anyone says anything to those who sell chicken meat, goat meat and beef? Then why single us out,” argues Yesu Babu, resident of the KVP colony.

While the donkeys’ meat costs anywhere between Rs 500 to 1000 per kilo, even the small glass of donkeys’ milk is sold for Rs 150 to Rs 200. A healthy donkey costs anywhere in the range of Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000, according to locals. 

News Source: Zee News

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