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COVID: Tough times for German youth entering the job market

COVID: Tough times for German youth entering the job market

German teenagers say the coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult to start their professional lives, according to a new survey. Young people seeking vocational training are among those impacted.

The numbers are alarming. More than 70% of young men and women in Germany say opportunities on the job market have diminished during the COVID-19 crisis. And among young people who leave school with low levels of education, that number is higher still — at 78%. That is the disturbing outcome of a new report put out by the iconkids & youth polling institute on behalf of the Bertelsmann Foundation.

“Training opportunities in the second year of coronavirus” is the title of the latest study. Researchers interviewed 1,700 14- to 20-year-olds online and in video conferences. This is already the second survey of its kind, following one from July 2020. The number of young people who say they are worried about their professional future is up by 10% from last year.

Would-be college students optimistic

The coronavirus crisis has triggered insecurity among Germany’s youth. But the nuances are important. Those wanting to go into vocational training tend to express more concern about the future than their counterparts aiming to go on to study at the college level. Of that second category, only a quarter believe that their chances of getting a place at a college or university have been reduced since the outbreak of the pandemic. This is perhaps hardly surprising: after all, college places have not generally been cut. The big problem is that studying is itself getting tougher because in most instances it takes place almost entirely online.

Jörg Dräger is a member of the executive board at the Bertelsmann Foundation. He says there is another reason behind the diverging perceptions of what opportunities might lie ahead: “Youngsters who have completed their high school graduation (the German Abitur), are virtually guaranteed a place to study.” Meanwhile: “In hard times, we simply neglect youngsters with basic levels of qualification. And that isn’t fair.”

News source: DW

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