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Coronavirus: How Europe plans to reopen

Coronavirus: How Europe plans to reopen

European countries are in various stages of reopening, depending on their national health situations. DW takes a look at how governments in Europe are taking steps back toward normality.

As COVID-19 vaccinations begin to accelerate across Europe, governments are making plans to reopen businesses such as restaurants, movie theaters and sports venues. Here’s a detailed look at the steps European countries are taking to return to normal.


Though new infections have dipped slightly, Germany has been struggling to contain a third wave of the virus, with the government criticized for a slow vaccine rollout. If average new cases per 100,000 inhabitants in a seven-day period rise above 100 for three consecutive days, a city or district is expected to apply strict lockdown policies that apply nationwide.

Germany’s national seven-day incidence rate per 100,000 residents fell to 155 on Thursday, the lowest level in two weeks.

Most German states still have a seven-day incidence above 100, meaning restrictive policies will continue in most of the country for now. Only Schleswig-Holstein and the city-state of Hamburg are below 100.

According to the Berliner Morgenpost newspaper, Schleswig-Holstein’s government will allow tourists to visit the island of Sylt beginning in May if they present a negative coronavirus test. Sylt, in the North Sea, is a popular summer vacation destination for many Germans.

The country is also debating whether people who have been vaccinated should enjoy fewer coronavirus restrictions than nonvaccinated people. 


France plans to loosen restrictive measures at the beginning of May, lifting domestic travel restrictions but maintaining an evening curfew. French President Emmanuel Macron imposed a three-week lockdown across France in April, closing nonessential businesses and schools.

News source: DW

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