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Capturing eyeballs during IPL: A guide for advertisers

Capturing eyeballs during IPL: A guide for advertisers

Last year’s events prompted significant changes in the way Indians learn, explore, shop, and live. The internet and, more specifically, mobile have been at the center of this change, as consumers leaned on technology more than ever in the past year. Despite shifting consumer behavior one truth remained: India’s obsession with cricket. The 2020 IPL season was one of the most celebrated moments in Indian media last year, recording over 400 billion viewing minutes, and the 2021 edition is only set to break further records. With India emerging as the land of the connected consumer, we discuss what will consumer behavior be like this IPL season and how advertisers can leverage this unmissable opportunity.

Through a combination of intelligence from Microsoft’s Advertising Platform and InMobi Audiences, we decode the IPL followers’ aspirations, interests, and how marketers can make the most of this mini festive season.

The Mini Festive Season in India
Apart from India’s iconic festive season that starts in October, the period from April to June is also a time of celebration, with many significant events occurring during this time. Marketers must recognize the opportunity the season presents and drives full-funnel efficiencies right from driving awareness to bagging conversions during this period.

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