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Brixton’s Bonneville Rival Getting Closer To Production

Brixton’s Bonneville Rival Getting Closer To Production

Brixton, an European motorcycle brand with links to China, showcased the Brixton 1200 concept at the EICMA show in 2019. The bike, seen as a clear rival to the Triumph Bonneville, is getting closer to production, as latest intellectual property documents reveal more detail about the 1,200 cc parallel-twin engine. Brixton has its design offices in Austria, but contracts Chinese firm Gaokin to manufacturer its bikes. The latest images reveal a good look at the parallel-twin engine, which appears to be air-cooled, but reveal water inlet and outlet pipes, confirming that the retro-styled engine will in fact be liquid-cooled.

The design seems to follow the same pattern as Triumph’s Bonneville twin, with a single overhead cam set into the head with rockers above it which actuate the valves. There’s ride-by-wire throttle, fuel injectors for each cylinder are mounted in the intake, and the exhaust ports are angled outwards to give the classic design of old British twins. The only other information available at this point is that the Brixton engine will displace 1,200 cc, just the like the Bonneville T120, and it will be a parallel-twin and carry the Brixton badge.

The Brixton brand is part of Austria’s KSR Group, which imports bikes from several Chinese manufacturers, including CF Moto. And while the new Bonneville rival will be manufactured in China, the design and engineering has been created at KSR’s design centre in Krups, Austria. The Brixton brand is familiar with Vietnamese bikers, and a range of 150 cc Brixton bikes, manufactured in China, are available on sale, in both Vietnam and Malaysia. With the latest intellectual property documents revealing the engine up close, it looks like the Brixton 1200 is well on its way to production, although we don’t have a confirmed timeline of a production model as yet.

News source- Carandbike

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