Bridal fashion is finally embracing size inclusivity

Bridal fashion is finally embracing size inclusivity

When Katelyn Veldman-Landers got married in 2019, she had a checklist for what she wanted her wedding dress to be: comfortable, stylish, timeless and to make her feel like a star. “I wanted to be able to eat the amazing dinner I chose, dance all night and not feel self-conscious at all,” says Veldman-Landers.

Not being a standard dress size, Veldman-Landers knew she would have to do a serious deep dive into wedding dress shopping research to find a gown that complemented her curvaceous body. “I had so many designers on my love list I wanted to wear, but I quickly realized most didn’t make dresses in my size,” she explains. “I was incredibly disappointed in the quality, fabrics and designs I saw. I was feeling so uncomfortable about the whole thing and I didn’t want to have a negative in-store experience, so I opted to go custom. It was the best decision I made. My designer, Catherine Langlois, created my perfect dress and made me feel beautiful.”

Going bespoke is a superb option, particularly if you have specific needs and wants for your dress. Bridal brands have been slow to offer inclusive sizing, but that is finally changing as more top lines now offer a comprehensive range of styles to fit every body.

Amber McCulloch is a fashion influencer and plus-size model who is getting married next January. She has worked as a fit model with select bridal brands who are pushing the wedding style industry forward.

“Designing for plus sizes isn’t as simple as adding a few yards of fabric,” says McCulloch. “Things like lace placement, beading, bust cup sizes and the internal support structure of the gown are all key considerations.”

These curve-friendly wedding fashion brands totally get it.

Source- thestar

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