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Bizman tried to mislead probe by taking thallium

Bizman tried to mislead probe by taking thallium

On Tuesday night, police arrested Varun Arora, a resident of Greater Kailash, for allegedly killing his mother-in-law. His wife has been in a coma since February, and his sister-in-law died around the same time.

Two days after a South-Delhi based real-estate businessman was arrested for allegedly using thallium to poison his wife and in-laws, police said he tried to mislead investigators by consuming drops of the element. Police said Varun Arora got himself admitted to a hospital to show increased thallium levels in his body. He has been sent to Tihar jail and is now at AIIMS for medical observation.

Arora allegedly cooked fish laced with thallium and served it to his family members in January. While his mother-in-law, Anita Devi Sharma, and sister-in-law Priyanka died during treatment later, his wife Divya Arora is in coma. A complaint was filed by his father-in-law, Devendra Mohan Sharma, who suspected Arora of murdering them.

The accused was first called for questioning on March 22 after police received the complaint, but he denied his role. “He claimed he didn’t eat the fish as he had jaw pain… His twin children had milk and didn’t eat the fish either. To throw police off his trail, he decided to consume some drops of thallium. When he was called for questioning a second time, he informed police he was in hospital for a medical test and shared a report which showed thallium in his blood,” a senior police officer said.

News Source:- Indian Express

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