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Bihar chief secretary Arun Singh succumbs to Covid-19

Bihar chief secretary Arun Kumar Singh passed away at a hospital in Patna on Friday after suffering from multiple organ failure.

Singh was appointed as the chief secretary of Bihar on February 28 this year, a report stated.

A number of politicians, bureaucrats, teachers and journalists have tested positive to Covid-19 in Bihar, of who many have succumbed to the infection.

Bihar currently has 1,00,822 active cases and the virus has claimed 2,480 lives during the second wave of Covid-19.

Meanwhile, India on April 27 had recorded a marginal decrease in fresh cases, giving rise to a glimmer of hope.

However,  386,452 fresh cases of Covid-19 were recorded in India on Friday, with the total cases reaching 1,87,62,976.

The disease has claimed 3498  more lives in the country in the past 24 hours, taking the death toll to 2,08,330.

The shortage of oxygen and beds still persist in most states badly hit by the pandemic.

Even during this national crisis, there are reports of hoarding of oxygen cylinders and people having to shell out about Rs 20,000 for a single oxygen cylinder.


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