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Battlegrounds Mobile India: 7 things that are different from PUBG Mobile

Battlegrounds Mobile India: 7 things that are different from PUBG Mobile

Battlegrounds Mobile India’s early access version recently became available to all Indian players via the game’s open beta testing program. The early access version revealed that Battlegrounds Mobile India has a lot in common with PUBG Mobile, including the game’s weapons, maps and interface. However, not everything is exactly the same and the game does have a few changes. Here is what’s different.

1) New tutorial mini-game
Players are met with a new tutorial mini-game once they start playing Battlegrounds Mobile India, targeted at those who might be new to the game. This includes a training routine that will explain how basic game mechanics like movement, weapon-picking, weapon-switching and weapon add ons will work.

2) ‘Kills’ are now ‘Finishes’
Battlegrounds Mobile India seems to have an emphasis on eliminating the game’s elements that show extreme violence. Hence, the gameplay will now indicate ‘Finishes’ instead of ‘Kills’ whenever you take another player down. You get similar messages for teammates ‘finishing’ other players.

3) No Red, Only Green
In Battlegrounds Mobile India, you will no longer get red marks on landing hits and getting damaged yourself. Instead, you will only have colour options between green and yellow. This again appears to be a decision to make the game appear ‘less violent’. The game also features no falling dead bodies and killing (finishing) someone leads to them disintegrating into green leaves.

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4) Virtual game reminders
In order to prevent younger players from getting influenced by the game, the game now features timely reminders that tell you that it is a fictional setting in a virtual world.

5) Clothed from the start
Unlike PUBG Mobile, Battlegrounds Mobile India also ensures that players who are new to the game, do have in-game clothing options right from the beginning. This is in contrast to PUBG Mobile, where players’ in-game characters would only start out with their underwear and would have to unlock clothing items as they progress.

6) New gameplay management system
A newly implemented gameplay management system now prompts players to check their posture and environment. This lets players be more aware of their surroundings while being immersed in the game.

7) New 18+ game management warning
Players will also see a new pop up when beginning the game, asking them if they are above the age of 18. If not, the game will impose time restrictions and will allow limited access to Battlegrounds Mobile India for a certain number of hours per day. However, this setting can also be changed in the game’s main settings section.

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