Apple Watch Series 7 might go for longer battery life over extra sensors

Apple Watch Series 7 might go for longer battery life over extra sensors

Fans of the Apple Watch have been anxiously waiting to see some features on the device’s next iteration. Though these abilities are in the works, Apple might not necessarily introduce them in this year’s Apple Watch. Reason – Apple might go for a bigger battery first.

Apple Watch Series 7, due to launch later this year, is expected to sport a radically different design from what was seen on its predecessors. This design change will further be complemented by a new processor that takes less space than before.

Apple reportedly made this possible through a new double-sided System in Package (SiP) technology. The use of the new technology will allow Apple to free up space within the Watch Series 7. The extra space can hence be used either for adding more sensors or increasing the battery capacity.

It is now being reported that Apple plans to go with the latter for the Apple Watch Series 7. The logic has been demonstrated in a recent report by MacRumors. As per the report, Apple is likely to expand the battery capacity on the upcoming Apple Watch to offer a significant upgrade to existing Apple Watch users.

If so, the move will be in line with the sequential battery upgrade in every iteration of Apple Watch. Though Apple has stepped up the battery capacity with every model of the Apple Watch, the simultaneous increase in their features and sensors has kept the backup pretty steady over the years. The same might be possible for the Apple Watch Series 7.

There is another reason why it is being believed that Apple will prefer more battery capacity over new features. It was recently reported that Apple wants to bring in a blood glucose monitoring capability on its Apple Watch and that work for the same is under progress.



The feature, however, is not expected to debut until 2022. This means that this year’s Apple Watch will be sans the eagerly awaited features and that no new sensors will mark their debut on it in 2021.

The extra space, hence, can only be filled by an enhanced battery, at least for this year’s model. The dots connect and it is easy to see why we can expect the new Apple Watch to carry an extended battery. Just not the features we expected, at least for now.

Source – IndiaToday

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