Aneesha Madhok: I had slipped into depression, but I bounced back by building mental resilience

Aneesha Madhok: I had slipped into depression, but I bounced back by building mental resilience

Pandemic, lockdown, isolation, quarantine, taboos, etc. These words pretty much sum up the year that 2020 was and they still continue to haunt us. While the world continues to battle the physical effects of the virus, the mental stress this pandemic brought into our lives, is still being discussed in hushed tones. Physical weakness is certainly one of the biggest results of coronavirus, we are feeling anxious and depressed as a result of the pandemic, the lockdown, and the uncertainty that followed them. In a quest to break the deafening silence around depression and other mental health-related issues, actress Aneesha Madhok has joined hands with The Fact Pro, an online community, to start a positive conversation around these tabooed topics.

“The reason why I am being a part of this initiative is that since the age of 17, I have studied and done research on how people can bounce back from traumatic events with regards to sociological and cognitive factors. I applied that in my life, and I was able to defeat many challenges, says Aneesha who is making her Hollywood debut with Bill McAdams Jr next ‘Bully High.’ The actress says that back in her school days, some of her schoolmates had spread false rumours about her and the counsellors believed that she wouldn’t get into her dream. “I went into a depression, but I bounced back and got into the university I always dreamt of studying at— The University of Southern California, which resulted in her slipping into depression. “ and still made it into my dream university and landed a Hollywood movie. Life is all about overcoming these barriers and working towards building mental resilience,” she adds.

Aneesha has been using her art to inspire the youth of India and plans to come out with videos where she would be sharing how to stand strong in the face of depression, inspired by the book ‘How To Be Resilient,’ and her years of research on the subject. Her eagerness to genuinely help people who face mental health issues but are too afraid to talk about them is the reason why her step is already being appreciated across social media platforms.

“The aim is to wipe out the discomfort when it comes to discussing depression by focusing on steps which one can take to defeat it successfully. My focus is not just on highlighting the problem, but to discuss, normalise, and then popularise the solution. This is the reason why the overall essence of the series is centred around positivity,” she explains.
On parting notes, she advises, “I believe in the resilience and that people can bounce back from any kind of trauma, including mental. Just like we wear masks to prevent corona from spreading, we must wear positive healing to prevent the spreading of mental trauma.”

News Source: TimesOfIndia

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