Amit Sadh-Ronit Roy starrer ‘7 Kadam’ trailer out: Gripping tale of football and imperfect relationships

Amit Sadh-Ronit Roy starrer ‘7 Kadam’ trailer out: Gripping tale of football and imperfect relationships

Eros Now’s ‘7 Kadam’ is all set to stream from March 24, 2021. Steered by Mohit Jha, the show comprises a stellar star cast including Ronit Roy, Amit Sadh, Deeksha Seth, Rohini Banerjee, Shilpi Roy, Ashok Singh, and Bidisha Ghosh amongst others. 

In the series, you will witness the tale unfold when a father’s dreams and a son’s ambition are pitted against each other.  

‘7 Kadam’ is a sports drama which is based on the story of a father and son duo who connect over their passion for football but cross paths in the clash of ideals and morals. Now the choice is theirs whether to come together to achieve a common goal or to let go of the most important match of their lives. The bond between a father and a son is indeed a special one. They fight, they argue and disagree, and yet as the saying goes… “an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, they are strikingly similar. Behind a veil of a strong and strict man, hides an emotional and protective father.  This gripping narrative chronicles the workings of fate when the son joins his father’s arch-nemesis in the football arena. Exciting, sentimental, and full of relatable instances, this show will keep you at the edge of your seat. With the generation gap causing clashes of opinions, will all the teachings of the father- as a coach and as a human guide the son to make the right decisions? Or will the son go against his own father by joining hands with the rival team? 

This enthralling show beautifully brings out the imperfections in real-life relationships and will definitely leave you with a bittersweet smile. But it will also make you wonder, who from the father or son will win, in a situation where they are against each other and when the trophy is just ‘7 Kadam’ away.  Do you think, emotions will take over and one will sacrifice for the other? Well, it will be interesting to see how it all ends.  Commenting on the same Amit Sadh mentions, ”7 Kadam’ is an engaging narrative, that will take everyone on an emotional roller coaster ride and strike a chord with the audience. A story one can easily relate to, the character in the series brings me pure joy and it has been a fantastic journey working on the show with a craftsman, like Ronit sir.” 

News Source: DNA India

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