Afghan Heroes’ trustees took money for themselves

Afghan Heroes’ trustees took money for themselves

Trustees of a failed armed forces charity took hundreds of thousands of pounds out of it for their own purposes, a report has found.

Afghan Heroes was set up in October 2009 but the Charity Commission started an inquiry into it in 2013.

It said donors could feel “angry” about how the charity’s trustees had presided over “waste and incompetence”.

Its investigation found that of £1.2m raised in 2013 alone, just £53,000 was spent on direct charitable purposes.

The Charity Commission also found a relationship between Afghan Heroes and a company that raised money for it from 2012 was not properly documented or monitored.

Prize Promotions Ltd (PPL) was found to have raised £3.5m but only about £750,000 was ultimately given to the charity.

The charity’s leading two trustees were found to have taken at least £250,000 out of the charity improperly. They have both since died.

Another £98,000 in “unauthorised remuneration” went to two other trustees whose companies provided professional services to the charity.

The Charity Commission said it would not formally name any of those trustees.

News Source: BBC News

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