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Adhyayan says ‘being on same side as Kangana’ did not mean reconciliation

Adhyayan says ‘being on same side as Kangana’ did not mean reconciliation

Actor Adhyayan Suman has talked about Kangana Ranaut and a comment he had made last year about being on the ‘same side’ as her.

Actor Adhyayan Suman put differences with his ex-girlfriend Kangana Ranaut aside to seek justice for Sushant Singh Rajput last year. However, he maintains that there has been no reconciliation with her even now.

He had said that through a twist of fate, they were both crusading for justice for Sushant, who died in April last year, and found themselves on the ‘same side’. Now, he has explained why that should not mean their relationship has mended.

“I don’t think that this statement that was passed by me during those really traumatic times on Sushant Singh Rajput was to mend things with her. There was no thought process for mending ways with her. And it was just coming together on humanitarian grounds for a cause that we all believe in. We all wanted to find out that a guy as young as Sushant… what happened. Till date we still don’t know,” he told Pinkvilla in an interview.

“And we tried, I tried, my father tried, Kangana tried, and other people tried to do what they could, raise their voice. That’s the most that we could do. Only if we unite, leaving aside our differences, we can solve our issues. When you gain wisdom, you forget about your differences and you move with positivity to solve that bigger problem in life and that was Sushant Singh Rajput’s death,” he added.

Earlier, speaking with India TV, Adhyayan had, “In the last 12 years, I have not followed Kangana. She is a popular and successful actor. If she has decided to come out in public and air her grievances, I am sure there is a reason for it. She does not need any publicity, I am guessing. There must be some anger or something that she has to say, which is why she is speaking up. That is completely her opinion and I respect it.”

News Source: Hindustan Times

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