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A full curfew was imposed in Karnataka

A full curfew was imposed in Karnataka

Bangalore: A complete curfew has been imposed in Karnataka. Only 4 hours are allowed to buy essential items.

Dead by corona
The spread of corona in Karnataka is increasing rapidly. Daily corona exposure is reported to exceed 30,000. As well as the number of deaths due to corona is high. The virus is particularly prevalent in the capital, Bangalore. Thus people are evacuating Bangalore and going back to their hometown. The Karnataka government yesterday announced a 14-day curfew in Karnataka from 9 pm to 11 pm to control the unrest.

Medical equipment
Accordingly, a full curfew came into effect in Karnataka yesterday. As a result, government and private bus services have been suspended. Private vehicles are also banned. Manufacturing companies, medical equipment manufacturers and food manufacturing companies are allowed to operate. At the same time, ready-made garment companies that employ more women have been shut down.
Thus those who run the company have demanded the government to allow ready-made garment companies to operate with 50 per cent employees. Bus services between districts and states have been suspended. At the same time there is no restriction on freight.

Most flyovers
Those who go to the hospital, those who go to get vaccinated, those who go to the airports are allowed. Most of the flyovers in the capital Bangalore have been closed with iron bars since the curfew came into effect. For the convenience of those engaged in essential services, a small number of PMDCs have been set up in Bangalore. Buses are operated.
Due to the curfew, foreigners left for their hometowns yesterday with bundles of knots. In Bangalore, police have closed various major roads with iron bars. Police have been deployed in various circles to monitor the situation.

Identity Card
Police are also in the process of seizing the vehicles of unwanted outsiders and registering a case. The government has said that employees working in businesses can show their identity cards.There are no restrictions on the operation of hospitals and pharmacies. 
Vegetable, fruit, dairy and grocery stores should open at 6 a.m. and close by 10 p.m. Within these 4 hours the public must purchase the items they need.

News Source : Daily Thanthi

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