Video Shows “Tank Duel” Between Russia And Ukraine

On Monday, Ukraine’s defence ministry said it had recaptured a total of seven square kilometres last week near the eastern town of Bakhmut.

In the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, a video of a “tank duel” is gaining traction on social media. The clip has been posted on X (formerly Twitter) by Ukraine’s Defence Ministry and shows a fight between a Ukrainian T-64BV and a Russia’s T-72B3. The Ukrainian tank emerged victorious in the close encounter, which unfolded in a rural area. The confrontation was intense in southern Ukraine, where Kyiv’s military forces are strategically manoeuvring armoured units to breach Russia’s defensive positions.

“A tank duel. A Ukrainian T-64BV knocked down the occupiers’ T-72B3 at close range,” Ukraine’s defence ministry said in the post, crediting the gripping footage to 128th Mountain Assault Brigade.

Newsweek cited a report from RBC-Ukraine to say that the action unfolded on the southeastern front of Zaporizhzhia, a region that has been a focal point of Ukrainian offensive operations since early June.

The video shows the Russian tank firing along the length of the tree line, its barrel parallel to the dense foliage that concealed the Ukrainian tank metres away. The Ukrainian tank appeared to be lining up for a decisive shot on the enemy tank.

The Ukrainian tank fired two rounds into the side of the Russian T-72B3, seemingly immobilising it. White smoke billowed from the hatches of the Russian tank, indicative of a breach in its armoured hull. The Ukrainian tank then moved away towards the tree line. The dramatic takedown was captured from multiple angles by at least two drones, said the Newsweek report.

On Monday, Ukraine’s defence ministry said it had recaptured a total of seven square kilometres (nearly three square miles) last week near the eastern town of Bakhmut and also along the southern front.

US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin said that the Ukrainian counteroffensive “continues to make steady forward progress”.

Kyiv has, meanwhile, stepped up efforts to boost domestic weapons production because 19 months of war has created a huge demand for arms and ammunition to fend off Russian attacks along a 1,000 km front line. Russian air strikes across Ukraine have caused widespread damage and killed many people.

Ukraine currently depends heavily on western military support and has received a number of tanks and ammunition system from the US and its allies in its fight against Russia.

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