“Been Reflecting On…”: Sundar Pichai’s Heartful Memo To Celebrate 25 Years Of Google

In his public memo, Mr Pichai expressed his gratitude to the users, employees and partners who have been a part of Google’s success.

Google is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and to mark this special occasion, CEO Sundar Pichai has penned down a public memo in which he looked back at the journey of the company, its role in transforming technology, and the path towards the future. Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Mr Pichai shared the link of his blog post, titled ‘Questions, shrugs and what comes next: A quarter century of change’.

“Kicking off our 25th bday with a huge thanks to all the people + businesses using our products around the world. Been reflecting on the questions that got us here, and the search for answers that will drive extraordinary progress over the next 25 years,” he wrote in the caption. 

Google Inc. was incorporated on September 4, but for more than a decade the company has celebrated its birthday on September 27. 

Now, in his public memo, Mr Pichai expressed his gratitude to the users, employees and partners who have been a part of Google’s success. He also expressed appreciation for the constant challenge to innovate and the dedication of past and present Googlers.

He highlighted the importance of innovation and adaptation. He also acknowledged that what was once seen as extraordinary technology quickly became ordinary as the boundaries continued to be pushed. 

“An essential truth of innovation is that the moment you push the boundary of a technology, it soon goes from extraordinary to ordinary. That’s why Google has never taken our success for granted,” Mr Pichai wrote. 

Further, in the blog, the Google CEO mentioned that the tech giant’s mission from the beginning was to organise the world’s information and make it accessible to all. He noted that the company’s search engine, Google Search, has successfully helped billions of people find answers to their questions.

Mr Pichai shared how people have used the information they found on Google to improve their lives. It has provided access to education, healthcare, and opportunities for entrepreneurship, he said.

“The idea that a student in rural Indonesia could access the same information as a professor at Stanford was revolutionary, and has changed lives and our world for the better. It’s opened up access to education and entrepreneurship like nothing else before it, or since,” Mr Pichai wrote. 

Beyond search, the CEO noted that Google has grown to offer a wide range of products and services, impacting the lives of billions of users. Gmail, for example, started with the question of whether they could offer 1 GB of storage for emails. Today, Google has 15 products serving over half a billion people, with six products serving over 2 billion users each, he said. 

Concluding his blog, Mr Pichai said that he believes that the next generation will continue to build on this progress and create even more innovative solutions. “We’re just beginning to see what the next wave of technology is capable of and how quickly it can improve.. Our search for answers will drive extraordinary technology progress over the next 25 years,” he wrote. 

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