“Take More Responsibility”: Man Claims Vistara Left Blind Mother In Flight. Airline Responds

Vistara responded by apologising to the user and promising they would look into the incident.

An Instagram user has slammed Vistara Airlines, claiming that the airline left his blind mother alone on a flight and did not take responsibility for its actions. His post generated a barrage of responses from others who not only called the airline’s behaviour shocking but shared their experiences too. Vistara responded by apologising to the user and promising they would look into the incident.

“@Vistara Airlines, how could you put my blind mother in danger like this?! Are you not responsible for taking care of disabled passengers who are left under your supervision and assistance whilst travelling?! SHOCKING!, Instagram user Ayush Kejriwal posted 3 hours ago.

Calling it a terrible experience, Mr Kejriwal on Instagram shared that his blind mother was travelling from Delhi to Kolkata on August 31 and they opted for an assisted travel plan for her which means she will be assisted throughout her journey to Kolkata. However, when the flight reached Kolkata, everybody got off and his mother was told to wait. She patiently waited but no one came for her. A cleaning staff then informed the airline and she was taken out of the flight.

he airline took note of Mr Kejriwal’s post and responded with an apology.

“Hi Ayush, we deeply regret to learn about your recent experience with us. At Vistara, we hold ourselves to the highest service standards, and it upsets us to hear that we fell short of your expectations. Please be assured that we prioritize the well-being of our customers and their safety and security are of top priority for us. Please DM us the case reference numbers and booking details. Thanks, Aishwarya.”

Social media soon erupted with users calling the airline’s response shameful.

“Don’t bother, they don’t respond, even if they do they would only call back and say sorry and act like nothing happened post that. They literally don’t care about their passengers, worst airlines vistara.”

Another user wrote, “I am so sad to hear this. I am also glad you have raised it. It’s shocking and unacceptable.”

“Thank you for sharing this. I pray it never happens again to your mother or anyone else,” the third user commented.

Earlier, a Twitter user called out the Airlines and claimed that he was asked to produce a “cremation centre receipt” when he requested for his booking to be rescheduled.

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