“So Disappointed”: New Audio Tapes Reveal King Charles Reaction When Prince Harry Was Born

Princess Diana also stated that she and her siblings did not get along well with their stepmother and all of them called her “Acid Raine”.

In newly released audio tapes of Princess Diana, her former husband King Charles expressed his sadness after they learnt that they were expecting a boy and not a girl, when Prince Harry was born, as per ABC Good Morning America. The then Princess of Wales recorded her conversation with her close friend James Colthurst in the 1990s for her biographer, Andrew Morton. She made seven hours of audio in total. Mr Morton later utilised the tapes to create and release ‘Diana: Her True Story’, a book that was published in 1992.

According to ABC’s Good Morning America, ‘Diana: The Rest of Her Story’, a new documentary, will include the footage, which was made public the day after the 26th anniversary of her death. She said in the clip that her husband spoke to her stepmother, Raine Spencer at their second son’s christening. “Because at Harry’s Christening, Charles went up to mummy and said, ‘You know we were so disappointed, we thought it would be a girl,'” The Princess added, “And mummy snapped his head off and said, ‘You should realize how lucky you are to have a child that’s normal.”

“Ever since that day, the shutters have come down. That’s what he does when he gets somebody answering back at him,” Princess Diana said in the tapes.

She also spoke about her strained relationship with her stepmother in the audio clips. Princess Diana added, “I was so angry. I said ‘I hate you so much. If you only knew how much we all hated you for what you’ve done. You ruined the house. You spent Daddy’s money. I have said everything I possibly could. Raine said, ‘You have no idea how much pain your mother put your father through.'”

The late Princess responded, ‘Pain, Raine? That’s one word you don’t even know how to relate to. In my job and in my role, I see people suffer like you’ve never seen. And you call that pain? I said, you’ve got a lot to learn.’ I remember really going for her gullet.” She also stated that her siblings did not get along well with their stepmother and all of them called her “Acid Raine”. They frequently sang, “Raine, Raine, go away!”, as per the outlet.

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