‘Looking at rear mirror only to avoid…,’ VP Jagdeep Dhankhar takes a swipe at Rahul Gandhi for criticising PM Modi

Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar took a swipe at Rahul Gandhi’s ‘rear-view mirror’ comments, stating that those attempting to undermine India’s institutions should be observed by reflecting on the past.

On Rahul Gandhi’s ‘PM looking at rearview’ comment, Dhankhar said one has to look in the rear-view mirror and then “you know those who are not well disposed towards the nation, those who are out to taint, tarnish and destroy our institutions — we come to notice them.”

“You look in the rear mirror only to avoid someone who is determined to create an accident,” the vice president said.

Prime Minister never talks about the future: Rahul Gandhi in US

Dhankhar remarks came as a response to Rahul Gandhi’s remarks in the US, where he criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi the BJP and RSS for their inability to focus on the future. 

“Back home we have a problem, and I will tell you the problem. BJP and the RSS are incapable of looking at the future. They’re incapable. Unse aap kuch bhi poocho, woh peeche ki aur dekhte hain (You ask anything they look into the past),” he said.

“Their immediate response” is to look back,” he said, adding that one cannot drive a car by looking only in the rearview mirror as that will only lead to “one accident after another.”

“That is the phenomenon of Narendra Modi ji. He is trying to drive the Indian car and he only looks in the rearview mirror. And then he does not understand why this car is crashing, not moving forward. And it’s the same idea with the BJP, with the RSS, all of them.

“You listen to them. You listen to their ministers. You listen to the Prime Minister, you will never find them talking about the future. They will only talk about the past and they will always blame somebody else for the past,” he said amidst applause from the Congress party members.

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