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10,22 COVID-19 cases reported in 24 hrs in Telangana

10,22 COVID-19 cases reported in 24 hrs in Telangana

Covid-19 is ripping through Telangana and its people. Despite the ‘do not worry’, and ‘do not panic’ homilies from the state health department and various ministers, speaking in their respective districts, and sporadically attempting to allay fears among the people over the disease and play down its impact, the only thing that appears to be flying high in Telangana is the Coronavirus.

Proof of just how the virus has now gained control over the population it is infecting at a rapid rate came yet again on Monday.

The drums of death the virus is beating in the state got louder on Monday in Telangana state with the health department reporting its ‘official’ number that 52 people died from Covid-19, the state’s highest single day death toll yet from the disease.

Fresh cases too soared on Monday, taking a huge leap. Telangana registered a new burden of 10,122 cases on Monday, to its already creaking and groaning healthcare system.

Making Monday’s figures scary in many ways was the leap the cases took within a matter of 24 hours. On Sunday, the health department reported 6,551 cases. The surge in cases overnight was a whopping 3,571, more than half of the cases reported on Sunday, taking Monday’s total to an all-time high of 10,122 in the state.

Amidst the gloomy scenario, there was some hope too. The health department said that as many as 6,446 people have been deemed to have recovered from Covid-19 in the state on Monday. While the total cases so far in Telangana stood at 4,11,905, the total deaths climbed to 2,094. Of the total cases, as many as 3,40,590, have recovered from the disease in the state so far, the department said.

Meanwhile, fresh cases are growing at a frenetic pace across the state. While Hyderabad city and the rest of the GHMC area with 1,440 new cases reported the highest number for Monday, Medchal-Malkajgiri shot into the 700 cases a day territory reporting 751 new infections. Two other districts, Warangal Urban, and Ranga Reddy reported 653, and 621 cases respectively.

Three districts, Nizamabad, Nalgonda, and Khammam reported 498, 469, and 424 cases respectively, while most other districts reported cases between 100 and 400 on Monday. Only Jogulamba-Gadwal, Kumrum Bheem-Asifabad, Mulugu, and Narayanpet districts reported double digit cases.

News Source : DECCAN Chronicle

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